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Valerio AGOSTINI 05/01/2012 17:45:54 346
Riceviamo e volentieri pubblichiamo:

"Dear chessfriends,
we would like to inform you on a change in the Doré 80 Jubilee Tourney : the studies have to be sent from now on to Abdelaziz Onkoud (email address :
In order to avoid any misunderstanding, composers who have already sent studies for this tourney are requested to re-send them.
The closure date is also changed : please, send your works before 30th april 2013.
The award will be sent to all composers before the end of 2013. The rest of previous announcement is unchanged (see for instance Iuri Akobia’s website).
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Happy new year and best wishes of success for 2013!".
Marcel Doré & Alain Pallier
06 gen 2013 - 09.11.15