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Autore Discussione Memorial Tourney Jorge CARLSSON
Valerio AGOSTINI 05/01/2012 17:45:54 346
Riceviamo dagli amici argentini e pubblichiamo volentieri il seguente Bando di Concorso per Studi:

"Memorial tourney Oscar Jorge Carlsson
The Club Argentino de Ajedrez announces an international composing tourney for
endgame studies to honor the memory of the member and benefactor Oscar Jorge
The engineer Oscar Jorge Carlsson was born on April 23, 1924 in Montevideo,
Uruguay, moved to Argentine in 1924 and passed away on June 28, 2011 in Buenos
Aires. He was one of the most active composers of Argentine and a recognized
patron of the chess, and its aid has been fundamental for the edition of books and
magazines dedicated to the diffusion of the composition of studies.
The judge of the tournament is International Judge for the studies Iuri Akobia, from
Georgia, and the director is Jorge Kapros, member of the Group of Composers of
Club Argentino de Ajedrez.
Win or draw endgame studies are required, the theme is free but twin studies are
not allowed. Entries (preferably in WORD format, but other formats are also
acceptable) have to be submitted via e-mail to until April
23th 2013. Only two compositions from each author are acceptable; joint
compositions are allowed but each composer may participate with at most two
compositions. The tourney language is English.
The book “Selección de mis studios” (“Selection of my endgames”), the
posthumous book of Oscar Jorge Carlsson, will be given to all the authors who
receive the highest distinctions.
The preliminary award of tourney will be sent to participants by e-mail and will be
published on the website of Club Argentino de Ajedrez:
and on the judge’s website:
The final award, after claims of anticipation and unsoundness, will be published in
the argentine magazine Finales… y Temas edited by José Copié and an electronic
version (PDF) of the magazine will be emailed to all tourney participants and will be
found in Internet in the websites mentioned above.
* Noticia publicada en la prestigiosa Página Web del Club Argentino de Ajedrez."

Invitiamo tutti a partecipare, naturalmente!!
01 lug 2012 - 06.26.37